About Jen Norris

Your home is a reflection of who you are on many levels. It’s a gathering place for loved ones, and plays deeply into your wealth plan and values.

As you consider your next transition -or if a transition would be wise- as your real estate agent, I’m here to help you listen and strategize through the steps that will result in a home that aligns with your dreams.

Things to consider: Is this home meeting your needs and goals? What is its relative value today? Would you rather feather your nest differently to make what you have now work better for you?

I'm also here to inform you with market and experiential wisdom: I’ll share what's happening in the marketplace, and what buyers and sellers are telling us. We’ll explore what is observable, what are my instincts saying about this property, and importantly, what are your instincts saying about it?

Together, we'll rely on active dialogue, creative thinking, and a great team to guide your journey.

My professional career is grounded in systems thinking, coaching, and people development across institutions in global manufacturing, the arts, and higher education. My personal interests are steeped in community building and personal accountability. Real estate is absolutely fascinating because the people involved, laws, transaction process, and real estate market are constantly in flux and therefore require constant learning. It combines all the things I love professionally and personally into one bundle.

Contact me to arrange a free consultation. Let’s get started on your journey. 


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